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Invivo Therapies

Invivo Therapies provides a professional, supportive and affordable counselling service to the people of Selby and its' surrounding areas.


Initially founded in London in 2013, Invivo was the private practice of counsellor Matt Ratcliffe. Matt relocated to Yorkshire in 2015 and the service rapidly grew. Invivo has continued to grow, taking on new and dedicated counsellors and is now a very well established and valuable service within the local community.


Our aim is to make counselling accessible for everyone, irrespective of age, gender or income. We can offer counselling to children, teenagers, adults and couples, adopting a fresh approach to counselling, coupled with a strong moral and ethical ethos. We offer short and long-term therapy to private clients, take recommendations from GPs, and also collaborate with schools, organisations, EAP schemes and local businesses to help people with a wide range of issues.

In addition to our counselling services, we develop a variety of mental health and well-being based groups and workshops which have been running in Selby since 2020.​

The Invivo Therapies team is a dedicated group of people, focused on putting the client first to help them to promote better well-being. Our team of approachable and skilled therapists include Matt, Heather, Gary and our administrator, Paula.

Invivo Therapies is also the umbrella group for our other counselling service - SHINE! - which is a local Selby-based project which provides accessible counselling to young people aged 12-18. For more information on this service click here: goshine!

On our site here you can read more about counselling and what it is, hear more about our therapy room and find out more about our talented team of counsellors. You can also find news and updates on our blog and upcoming events pages.

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Whatever your cause to look into counselling, we're glad you found us and would love to hear from you to see how we can help.

About Invivo Therapies
What is counselling?

What is counselling?

At times we all feel pain, loss, confusion, anger, frustration and sadness, or as if we're missing something from our lives. We face challenges, grief and heartbreak. Other times we struggle with our thoughts, frame of mind, or even behaviour. We can often feel lost or struggle to be the people we want to be. Sometimes it's hard to find time in our busy, complicated lives to deal with these experiences, and often we don't know how to go about doing this...

Counselling is a type of talking therapy. It is usually takes place on a one-to-one basis, though couples can have therapy together too. Counselling helps us to look at our lives and problems. We can find relief from our pain and difficult emotions, gain understanding and make positive changes in our day to day life and well-being.

Through counselling we have a safe and private time and space, which we can use to explore our thoughts and feelings, so that we can better deal with life's difficulties. We can learn how to better understand and equip ourselves with skills and a greater ability to make positive changes in our lives, for the present and the future.

Counselling helps you:


  • explore your thoughts & feelings

  • make sense of your experiences

  • increase your self-awareness

  • form new perspectives & options

  • develop your ability to make choices & take action for yourself​

Our therapists offer specialist one-to-one 'relational' counselling using established techniques and 'approaches' such as Integrative, Person-centred, Psychodynamic, CBT, TA and Gestalt counselling methods. Counselling can be a collaborative experience - meaning we work together. It can also be creative, using play techniques and holistic practices such as mindfulness and meditation. It's a very personal experience but one we really benefit from.

We believe you are the expert on your own life, it's just we don't always recognise this or know how to use our expertise - counselling helps us to see this for ourselves.

Our Team



We are a small group of skilled, talented and passionate counsellors. Our collective training and experience means we are able to work with a wide range of client issues, to provide counselling that is bespoke, intuitive and theoretically sound. We integrate various counselling approaches including Person-Centred, Psychodynamic, Attachment theory, CBT, TA, Gestalt, Emotional Freedom Techniques. We are able to offer counselling to adults, children and couples.


All our counsellors work safely and professionally, are Accredited / Registered / Formal Members of the BACP (British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapists).

We abide by the BACP Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and the NCS Code of Ethics. You can find out more about the BACP here -


Our counsellors are all fully DBS Checked, hold specialist counselling insurance and abide by all GPDR Data Protection Regulations.  

To find out more about our counsellors click on the profiles below:

BA (Hons), Adv PGDip. MBACP
Lead Counsellor / Manager

Matt is the founder of Invivo Therapies and Counselling and is our Lead Counsellor and manager. He is an Integrative counsellor and works with adults and young people aged 12+.



Therapy Rooms

We understand how important a positive environment can be during the counselling process. We've worked hard to establish therapy rooms that are both private, quiet, warm, light and comfortably furnished with bespoke and hand-picked items.

You can view our rooms in the gallery on this page.

Our main room is nestled in the heart of Selby town centre, with a discreet and private entrance and convenient car parking nearby. We are also very close to Selby train station, and are easily accessible by bus services 405, 407 and X45.

Our Therapy Rooms


& When

Starting counselling can be a daunting prospect, whether you're familiar or new to it. You might have lots of questions about how it works and what it's like. That's why you should have as much information and choice as possible. At Invivo we know this, and work in a way to help you feel comfortable and informed.

We offer an initial consultation, either by phone or in person, without any obligation, to talk through the counselling services we offer. Here you can ask any questions and discuss what you want to achieve from counselling. From there you can see if it's right for you.

Counselling is usually on a one-to-one basis and takes place weekly, meeting at the same place at the same arranged time. Each counselling session is 60 minutes long. We offer 'open-ended' counselling, which puts no time restriction on the process, preferring to work collaboratively together until the time comes when you know you're ready to step away from it.

We believe counselling should be more easily accessible to everyone, and are able to offer some concessionary / reduced fee sessions to those on low income. Some of our counsellors can provide online counselling sessions too.



Initial consultation - £25

Individual Face-to-face counselling session - £45

Couples Face-to-face counselling session - £55

Online counselling session - £45

Reduced / concessionary session - £35

How & When
Contact Us



If you think the counselling services we offer can help you then please do get in touch. We are always happy to talk you through what we do and what it could do for you. We also welcome enquiries from schools, businesses and organisations too.

You can call, email or contact us via the message box or chat on this page. There is no fee or obligation by contacting us. The team at Invivo Therapies understand how it can be difficult to take the first steps towards finding someone to help. That's why we will always get back to you quickly and respectfully. We deeply respect the needs of our clients and every part of our services are kept confidential.


We hope to help you soon.

The Invivo Therapies team

Resources in Emergencies

Sometimes things can't wait and we need to intervene or keep someone safe. Counselling may not be the best source of support if you feel you are in crisis and you should seek immediate help. Below are key contact phone numbers you can access anytime 24/7.


  • Samaritans - 116 113

  • Details on what to do in a Mental Health Crisis can be found here - NHS Mental Health Key Contacts

  • For Emergency Services (Ambulance / Police) - call 999

  • For Non-Emergency Services (Police) - call 101

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